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Respect for the Crusader: A Kim Greylek Community

The fans of Kim "The Crusader" Greylek and Michaela McManus

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A Kim Greylek Community ("Law & Order: SVU")

General Info

Respect for the Crusader is a community that focuses specifically on Kim Greylek, a character from the "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" television series. (For future reference, the "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" television series is often noted by its abbreviated form of "SVU.")

Mission statement:

Respect for the Crusader is a haven for Kim Greylek fans, whatever form they may take. The comm addresses all aspects of the character involved (e.g., friendship, romance, character study). Moreover, it delves into the past and present life of her actress, Michaela McManus. While Kim Greylek is the driving force, a side comm theme is the "Law & Order" universe, in general. We deal in character insights, other ships, rants, writer lulz, NBC lulz, political lulz and everything in between. We are a small community, but we are growing.

What this site contains:

Fanfictions (Both submissions and recommended)
Episode Discussions (Greylek-era episodes and contemporary SVU)
Any and all items relating to Kim Greylek/Michaela McManus

Otherwise, know the rules, and enjoy yourself.

General Rules

1. Be respectful to others. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, yet if you don’t agree with it, there is no reason to start fights. As the kids say, “Save the Drama for yo Mamma.” If a problem does occur, deal with it privately and under no circumstances are you to drag the comm into the proceedings. Should things get out of control, summon a Mod. Otherwise, be mature adults.

2. Trolls, flamers and their by-products are not to be taken lightly. Once identified, they will be banned, and their entries/comments potentially deleted.

3. Mind any profanity. We are an open community, so we have people of all ages here. Keep your language and your icons around PG-13 or lower. A lesser two-strike warning will be in place for users, see Rule 6 for punishment more profound.

4. Only a Mod can post an Episode Discussion, unless a member is so authorized.

Nota bene: All of the Greylek-era episodes have been posted. They will become a part in the Tag/Memory overhaul in Summer/Fall 2011.

5. The timecodes of any Episode Discussion may become altered at any time (e.g. belated Episode Discussions syncing up to their real-time premieres). For any timecode concerns, defer to Dark_Weezing.

6. Until details are finalized, a three strike warning system will be the standard:

First strike: Verbal reprimand.
Second strike: Suspension (time period on a case-by-case basis).
Third strike: Month long suspension and/or possible expulsion.

7. Comment System: It is an open community, so non-members can comment. Since there hasn’t been any major wankery or lulz, the system will remain in place. Circumstances or a case-by-case basis may change this policy in the future, so don’t ruin it for everyone else.

8. All Tags/Memories are to be done by Dark_Weezing, until the new system is fully operational. (To be done in Summer-Fall 2011.)

9. All text, commentary and fan products are the copyright and responsibility of the original posters.

10. Credit the source of news and commentary/analysis/opining links, whenever it is possible. We’re going by the honor system, so we expect our members to be as honest. If violated, it will be dealt on a case-by-case basis.

11. Embedded photo and video-based entries are no longer allowed in future entries, as of 10/08/09. Permalinks with "Fair Use" protections or standards are acceptable, though, should be used with caution. If you’re unsure of any legal issues, consult a Mod before you take any action. If you are allowed to post, defer to the coding rules.

12. Comment gravedigging of a previous or "bumped" entry is perfectly acceptable, providing it is germane to the subject at hand. Nevertheless, it isn't an excuse to revive buried wankery or to spam. (See Rule 13 about spam comments.)

13. Spam entries/comments are to be deleted. A lesser two-strike warning to the user will be in place, see Rule 6 for punishment more profound.


Warnings: Nudity, language, character death, etc.

Place the above at the top of the entry, and the story itself behind a cut.


1. Two-three icons are allowed outside a cut, the rest goes behind the aforementioned cut.
2. Large graphics (bigger than 200 x 200) must be behind a cut.
3. Videos must be behind a cut. (Unless it’s embedded, via YouTube, and no more than two at most. Any additional numbers go behind a cut.)


For new or upcoming episodes, place any and all episode spoilers behind a lj-cut. If the entry is in response to a recently debuted episode, be mindful of the original airdate. If it is at least two weeks past the premiere, then apply the spoiler cut. Not doing so will result in the original poster being heavily warned. If the entry isn’t amended in the following day or so, it may get deleted. Given the occasionally tricky nature of spoilers, a case-by-case basis will be applied.

Other Comm Promotion

Please, refrain from using images, so use text links. If there are any entries with image pimping, they will be deleted and the poster warned.

If you don’t know how to do a cut, go here.

Otherwise, enjoy yourselves.

Official Mod entries are to be done in red. No one but the Mods can post in red. Anyone not a Mod using the red font will be suspended for a week and/or dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


dark_weezing - gelmatoid@aol.com

Official Actor Websites:

Michaela McManus' Twitter Feed

Official Wolf Films Websites:

Wolf Films' Facebook Page
Wolf Films' Twitter Feed
Wolf Films' YouTube Channel

Official "Law & Order"/NBC Websites:

NBC's official SVU website
NBC's official SVU messageboard

Sister Communities and Websites:

Same Side of the Law: A Jack McCoy/Abbie Carmichael Community @ Live Journal.com

Actor News Websites and/or essential "Law & Order"-themed Websites:

Michaela McManus.net (a fan site)
All Things Law & Order
These Are Their Stories (a "Law & Order" franchise actor blog)
The Unconventional SVU messageboard

Episode Scheduling:

As noted in the weekly Episode Announcement entries, the only listings are for Greylek-era re-runs and modern SVU.

Internet Movie Database's SVU schedule

Nota bene: IMDB isn’t infallible, so consult NBC.com and USA.com for the final word on any schedule discrepancies.