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20 April 2012 @ 03:52 pm
Episode Announcements (4/20/2012 - 4/28/2012)  
Once again, apologies for the belated ness and the overall absence. Between Holy Week and several offsite issues to contend with, it hasn't been easy mustering the time and/or energy to post as much as I would like. Putting excuses aside for a moment, next week should be quite absorbing for you Greylek-era fans. Another pleasant side note is today's Greylek triple header (which I had forgotten about until today, naturally). Speaking of which, the reminder of this week is included, since I obviously didn't post them beforehand. See you all whenever. Schedule courtesy of IMDB. All times EST.

Fri. Apr. 20th:
5:00 PM USA - Persona #10.8
6:00 PM USA - PTSD #10.9
7:00 PM USA - Smut #10.10

Sat. Apr. 21st:
10:00 PM NBC - Justice Denied #13.17

Sun. Apr. 22nd:
5:00 PM USA - Stranger #10.11

Wed. Apr. 25th:
10:00 PM NBC - Street Revenge #13.19 (New!)

Fri. Apr. 27th:
5:00 PM USA - Hothouse #10.12
7:00 PM USA - Transitions #10.14

Sat. Apr. 28th:
10:00 PM NBC - Valentine's Day #13.18

This week's video is the "Street Revenge" promo. In addition, to make up for my previous omission, I'll include the "Valentine's Day" promo. Special thanks to the ATLAO blog.

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